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Up to 31"

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Full motion


None - I already have a bracket

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On the wall

Above a fireplace

What kind of wall are we
working with?

Drywall or wood






What type of wall do you have?

Would you like to add another service?

The most popular

External cord concealment


In-wall cord concealment with power


Connect DVD/Blu-ray player


Install sound-bar


Install wall shelf


Extra installations

Install surround system

- up to 3 speakers


Install surround system

- more than 3 speakers



HDMI Cable 6 ft


HDMI Cable 10 ft


HDMI Cable 15 ft


Power Extension Cable 10 ft


Power Extension Cable 15 ft


Power Extension Cable 25 ft


Connect Devices


Apply TV









Cable/satellite box


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Up to 3132-6061-80Over 81
FixedTiltingFull MotionI already have a bracket
On the wallAbove a fireplace
Drywall or WoodBrickConcreteOther
External cord concealmentIn-wall cord concealment with powerConnect Dvd/blueray playerInstall soundbarInstall wall shelf
Install surround system - up to 3 speakersInstall surround system - more than 3 speakers
HDMI cable 6 ftHDMI cable 10 ftHDMI cable 15 ftPower Extension cable 10 ftPower Extension cable 15 ftPower Extension cable 25 ft
Connect Apple TVConnect RokuConnect XboxConnect cable/satellite box

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