Home theater design and installation

We are offering all kinds of wall mount, ceiling mounting, above fireplace and even column TV mounting. With a variety of offerings and styles to choose from, we are sure you will be happy with us working for you. Look around our website and check out the details and quality of our work, we don't compete on price, we compete on quality of service and client satisfaction.

Custom Designed Home Theater Installation in NYC

Want to transform a room of your home into a great theater? We can help you with the best, innovative and cost-effective home theater design and installation, where you, your family, and your guests can have a great time. Try our Full Motion TV Mounting or tilt TV services and have extra fun without stepping out of your home.

Maximize Your Movie, Television, Gaming, and Music Experience

We are professional and understand what you expect from us. Our home theatre system installation or Full Motion Television Mounting for homeowners across NYC and beyond is superb as we do everything from designing bespoke home theatre systems to final home theatre installation. To take your cinematic experience to the next level, we provide quick Full Motion Television Mounting and exceptional home theatre automation solutions- tilt TV, acoustic room treatment, theatre design and layout, 3D design renderings, and many more other solutions. We also mount and program A-Z audio-visual equipment to ensure the highest levels of performance.

Your empty room transformation is a matter of few talks; hence share all your details and soon you will end up having an entertainment hub for your family and friends. We are experienced and our passion in designing and installation of different types of home theatre setups for residential and commercial spaces helped us to be successful in the industry. We don’t only install, but also provide advanced systems, including- television to the projector screen, sound system, lighting, furniture, and décor everything for a complete cinematic experience in every sense.

Tilted Wall Mount Services

As TV today has become thinner- fixed wall mounts, tilt TV mount and ceiling mounting services have become popular. Such mounting service provides the ultimate experience, not in terms of the vision, but it also adds beauty to the interior. We provide Tilt mount services for vertical angle adjustment, which allows you to change the viewing position. Tilt TV is installed at least two inches of space, so that you can have a vision from each and every angle, clearly.

We work with you for your TV mount or home theatre installation that suits your budget and lifestyle. Call our home cinema specialists in NYC, today.